I'm Solana Chavez, the founder & lead priestess at The Rose Pathway.

I am a long-time practitioner of tantra & sound healing as a path of spiritual awakening.

I have been both studying & practicing the art of astrology, the lunar mysteries, the Venus mysteries, and other oracular arts since my teens.   My spiritual journey has taken me through initiations into many different traditions, Eastern and Western, modern & traditional.

In 2017, I took initiation as a tantric priestess & this year (2021) I renewed my vows as a priestess of the Red Rose.

I am here with the most real & true & bone-devoted version of myself that I have ever experienced.

I am so here for this time.

I am so here for the RISE of feminine healing energy on Mother Earth.

I am HERE for the return to the natural rhythms that keep us synchronized with our beloved Gaia, who is always in perfect rhythm with the Moon, the Sun, all the planets & the Stars themselves...

We are mystical, galactic, divine creatures dear ones!

All of us - regardless of gender - are the work of art of some divine creator - call it Universe, call it God, call it the name that has meaning to you... call it the I AM 

We are here to rise in sovereign, royal diplomacy of spirit that can only happen when we actually COME HOME TO OURSELVES.

So that's my purpose - to support women in coming home to themselves.

Really, fully, truly, deeply.

I am here to support women in their full Sexual-Spiritual integration & liberation.

I've been on a long journey of steep initiations that has brought me into so much compassion for this human experience - and so much desire to breathe life into the places where the feminine has forgotten herself.

MANY women alive today, who grew up in the "Western World", have experienced and/or are currently experiencing major disconnect from their own bodies at one time or another.  

Most of these women, myself included, have disconnected from our ability to access our own pleasure at times.  

SO MANY of us have been longing to come home to ourselves & experience the empowerment that we hear all these other women talking about - but we've gotten stuck in certain places, and maybe we've even given up on some of our dreams, maybe we've decided our true desires didn't matter so much - thereby settling for so-so relationships, unfulfilling careers, constant stress, and feelings of guilty & shame attached to pleasure & relaxation.  

I'm telling you (what you probably already know) - THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE

We do have to slow down to come home to ourselves.  We have to slow down & put ourselves first.  

It feels super uncomfortable for a lot of women at first.  

It feels "wrong" - because we've been programmed to live a lie.

Through Feminine Embodiment Coaching, I will be steady by your side as your sacral midwife - as you learn & remember simple practices & sacred ways of living to align yourself with your true self, with your body, with the rhythms of the Gaia.

You don't need to know anything about the feminine arts or "embodiment" or tantra or anything at all


Because if you are drawn to this work, it is for you.  


If you are drawn to working with me as your sacral midwife & yoni priestess -

Into your own RISE as a Sovereign Queen - 

Then I'm celebrating you!! 

I see you.  And what I have is for you.  





Image by Cody  Chan