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Dear Woman,
In these potent & transformative times, it can be all too easy to hide away & wait for "it all to be over."  
Many, many people (not just women) are swinging on the pendulum between severe burnout from trying to do good in the world but without proper resources, and then sliding over to the opposite side of the spectrum where a person just feels numb, disconnected & even apathetic.
For the feminine especially, this experience of shutting down our hearts & seperating from the confidence & expansion that love brings ... is incredibly painful.
I propose a different way for us.
As femine-essenced beings, we desire the fullness of life, connection and relationship.  We crave Union with the other - be it our lover or the Divine.  We need multi-layered commumication in order to feel seen, feel safe & feel MET. 
These days, a lot of women have given up on the idea that having these things is even possible & many women feel like these desires themselves (for connection, relationship, fullness, etc) are wrong & there are all kinds of messages that we should "rise above" our very nature - that we should actually thwart our very gifts as feminine beings.
Within Feminine Embodiment Coaching sessions, I will be providing you with dynamic support to step back into the fullness of your own essence & to radiate the true glory of your beingness as a woman.
Our work together will meet you where you are at, there is no preparation needed.  You might feel like a total newbie to the path of Feminine Embodiment, or you might be well seasoned as a practitioner of the Feminine Arts.  
The journey is continuous & there is always the opportunity to deepen & widen our hearts.... and our capacity for love, joy, peace, prosperity & radiant health.  

BE LUMINOUS™ 1:1 COACHING SESSIONS are 1.5 hours in length & take place via Zoom (the recording is yours to keep) 

  • Cost is $222 for single session

  • PACKAGES AVAILABLE (pre-pay in full)



4-Session Wise Woman Journey - $777 

--> A journey of 4 sessions over the course of 4-8 weeks (depending your schedule we will meet weekly or every other week) 

--> Over the 4 session journey, you will be held in an energetic container of healing, deep restoration & life force activation.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this field, through this work (which will feel like play) & YOU ARE THE CREATRIX of your wildest dreams!  

--> I'm here to hold a safe container for you to feel & express.

--> I'm here to walk with you through the honoring of sacred blood rites that you may have not been witnessed in throughout your years of womanhood (these include menstruation & menopause, sexual initiations & healing from sexual trauma & the birthing rites - including miscarriage & abortion)

--> And I'm here to support you in living in your full glory as the unique, irreplacable WOMAN that you are!  Just as you are.  With nothing to prove.  Nothing to earn.  Nothing to seek.  Nothing to need.  

For one thing I've learned, my loves, is this:

When we are radiating from our magnetic center, when we are sourced in our feminine fullness, when we are happy & available to LOVE OURSELVES no matter what the outer circumstances - we find that we begin living in the pure delight of beingness & we don't have to work so hard.  At all.  In fact, work doesn't have to feel like work.  Taking care of ourselves & our families & our business doesn't have to milk us dry.  NO MORE OF THAT.

We are designed to be full, overflowing & magical Creatrixes of Peace on Earth

of Love in Every Home

of Goodness

of Kindness

of Steadiness

of Beauty 

and of Grace 

Another thing I've learned is that you will always win when you commit to yourself (your true self - as in your soul, as in the true needs of your body, as in that still small voice & your sovereign inner knowing)

If you are feeling a pull of YES in your body in considering Be Luminous™ Coaching with me....

I invite you to notice where in your body that pull is coming from -

Your heartspace?

Your womb/low belly?

Maybe you are noticing that you've been clenching your jaw, and you relax it now... feeling the permission from within yourself.... to pause within the moment

to breathe deeper

to remember who you are 

before you created a story of who you are

before anyone told you who to be


These are the Feminine Mysteries, dear ones

The before and the before and the before

The pure potential of the Now Moment

The Mothership of Humanity

The cycles within cycles within Cycles

The Void of the Great Unknown




and Desiring

the Light of Divine Consciousness

This primordial exists within all of us - men & women, those who don't prescribe to gender, people of all ages & walks of life.  We all have this primordial encoding.

As women, we can choose to deepen directly into the Consciousness of the Queen Mother of Creation

(not exactly the God Principle, but in a sense)

And we can quite literally ALIGN with the vibration of the Goddess, the Divine Presence as Feminine, known by many names throughout all cultures & traditions throughout time.

In my work & in my everyday life, I am drawing deeply upon my own initiations within the Sisterhood of the Rose, with Mary Magdalene, Christ & Mother Mary.  This path merges with my love of both the Egyptian & the Vedic Pantheons, and my many years of immersion into Hindu teachings through kirtan, Vedic chanting & mantra practice.

I am also drawing upon my many years of practice as a tantrika within both White Tantra & Red Tantra orders.  This means that I am a practitioner of White Tantra, which is the solo practice of tantra within all of life, and focused through yoga, dance, music & meditation.

And I am a practitioner of Red Tantra, which is the sexual practice of tantra through cultivating desire, utilizing erotic energy as a superpower to heal the body, increasing sexual magnetism to attract whatever you WANT, and of course - the most sacred act of sexual union with a partner, this is where the most potent possible magick happens - or rather, CAN happen.  Many women have barely touched the tip of the iceberg with what is possible for them sexually (and financially) because we have been cut off from ourselves, from our own regenerative and magnetic power. 











The Feminine Mentors I am currently working with in ongoing containers:

- Nina Lombardo

- Kara Gilligan (Akara Sophia)

- Ann Nyugen 

Womb & Yoni Healing Programs 

(2018) The 7 Gates Course (6-month intensive practicum in Womb Healing & soul embodiment) led by Katherine Zorensky + Maya Alexander, also incorporating the work of Padma Aon Prakash

(2018) Yoni Massage Training with More Love Works 

(2019) Yoni Steam Facilitator Training with Steamy Chick 

Jade Egg Training Courses 

(2017) Jade Pleasure with Layla Martin 

(2018) Yoni Yoga with Sofia Sundari 

(2020) Vaginal Kung Fu with Kim Anami 


Extended List of my Feminine Mentors

- Gina Salā

- Katherine Zorensky

- Nina Lombardo

- Chameli Ardagh

- Kara Gilligan (Akara Sophia)

- Marin Bach-Antonson

- Ann Nyugen 

- Lisa Page

- Christina Korpik

- Rayne Sofely

... there are more women who I will not name here, as it feminine mentorship is not their profession per se & they prefer privacy over publicity...

What I offer you today is the amalgamation of seasons upon seasons of experience, practice, initiations and integration.

I wish to serve you with as much love and grace as has been offered to me. 

I bow to the Goddess.

I bow to the Feminine.

I bow to Sacred Sisterhood.

I bow to our ancient & modern rites as women.

I bow to Mother Earth, holding us all.

I bow to the Great Star Nations.

I bow to you, dear one. 

I see you as the Queen, that you are. 

"Know Thyself"
- The Oracle of Delphi