Capricorn New Moon Eclipse - on Christmas, Hannukah + Kwanzaa - OH MY!

Here we are my friends:

(video/live-transmission of these energies found here)

The Moon will be born anew on Christmas Day 12/25/19 at 9:13pm PST - and this New Moon is also a solar eclipse.

Although not visible to the Americas, this eclipse will be a phenomenal sight were it is visible - as it is an annular eclipse which appears like a Ring of Fire around the Moon.

We are currently fully immersed in our journey of eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which began with a solar eclipse at 21° of Cancer in July 2018. We fully had eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn all through 2019, and we will have one more set of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses in July of 2020, 6 months from now. After that, the eclipse points will have fully shifted to Gemini/Sagittarius in November + December of 2020, with our last set of 2020 eclipses.

We will have a total of 5 eclipses in 2020, beginning with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer just two weeks from now. That eclipse is expected to feel a bit heaver than the New Moon Solar Eclipse this week, which has some very beneficial support due to its proximity to planet Jupiter, know for bringing support, prosperity and wisdom. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, asking us to broaden our view and trust in something beyond our limited scope of perception. Jupiter is expanding and increasing the potency of the intentions, patterns + prayers you are seeding now with the New Moon Eclipse energy.

What you are planting now is being supported in its growth.

There are many superstitions related to eclipses that are held all over the world, and truly - the bi-annual eclipses continue to be a potent indicators for us humans to pay attention to what the Moon is telling us, just as they were at least 200,000 years ago!

Astrology helps us understand the specific influence of each eclipse as the eclipse points themselves move through the Zodiac.

Unlike direct planetary motion, the eclipses are always moving "backward" or retrograde through the Zodiac - occurring in opposite sign pairings and staying in those signs for about 2 years before shifting.

Remember that every axis pairing of signs also rule those opposite houses within your chart - and all HOUSES REPRESENT AREAS OF LIFE.

With eclipses, specific areas of life are highlighted in a major way for 2 years and become PORTALS FOR TRANSFORMATION. This is unique to every individual depending on your BIRTH CHART.

When we consciously work with eclipse energy, we are choosing consciousness, being present with what is and the rhythms and cycles that are at play that are SO MUCH BIGGER than you or me or any of us.
We are also choosing to PLAY within the play of life, and to engage within our own energy, our own creative potential - our own power to MANIFEST and all that is being asked is our ability to LET GO of the old stories that have kept us small or limited or disconnected from our own power.

This is a time when we are really being called, as a collective, to notice how much personal power we feel have and to call back our power in areas where we may feel we have given our power away.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse happening on Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa is a potent time to find moments to sit and breathe into our intentions for this lunar cycle and for that which you DO DESIRE to transform or see transformed in your life.

Be an active player with this eclipse by looking at where it falls in your chart (what house/sign using whole sign house system), what that area of life represents, what are the other planets/pivotal points in that house?

You can also look at what planets/points are in the late degrees of Sagittarius (near the Galactic Center) as the eclipse is occurring at 4° Capricorn and the last 2 degrees of Sagittarius in particular are quite close to the eclipse point. (I usually use an orb of about 5 degrees)


This eclipse is close to the south node of the Moon - and the south node represents release.

Letting go.

The past.

That which burdens us.

And most importantly - that which represents a rut, a stuck place.

Where do we feel stuck, like a cog-in-the-wheel or again those places where we know we are not living fully in our power? Where are we too comfortable playing it small, not wanting to grow, evolve or mature?

If you are asking yourself these questions, the answers are unique to you and any intuitive guidance coming though you right now is valuable information!

The areas of life that may be triggered for you in your reflection don't have to line up with what the Capricorn house in your chart represents.

There are SO many influences in your chart which is why knowing your personal astrology is so important - and guidance is suggested! (Book a reading or come to my class on Jan 19)

I will say that if you have planet/points in the early degrees of ANY of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you will feel this eclipse energy in a pointed way that may feel challenging or super intense. Remember that Jupiter is there, easing things up and adding some humor + levity whatever is happening in your life right now.

If you have planets/points the early degrees of either Taurus or Virgo (the other Earth signs besides Capricorn) - you are getting a tremendous BOOST with this New Moon Eclipse by the highly favorable trine energy coming from all that potent activity in early Capricorn.

Practical Virgo + slow-moving Taurus - are you ready for the wave of support + transformative energy coming your way??

This New Moon Eclipse is also trining Uranus in early Taurus -

and remember Uranus is

the change-maker

and the revolutionary,

hanging out in the sign that doesn't like to change

(certainly not against its will).

The Uranus in Taurus transit extends from 2018-2026, so we're kind of just beginning the ride with his innovative energy in this part of the Zodiac, but stay tuned because has a lot to show us about our resources, our money + our values while he transits here. He also is showing us innovative ways to connect to our bodies, our sensuality and our perception of beauty. Overall, I really like the Uranus in Taurus transit - even though a lot of modern astrologers would say that Uranus is in the sign of his fall in Taurus, and therefor in his most weakened position.

All this energy is set to be very forward-moving (albeit new + shocking) in relation to the other planetary energies at play as we close out 2019 and make way for 2020 - which is bound to be a year to remember…

Whatever tradition you may be celebrating at this time - old or new -

may you find yourself appreciating quiet moments of self-awareness amidst the celebrations.

And may you know the truth of yourself, in all of your humanity and divinity and everything in between. May you know that all of you is born of + worthy of LOVE.

Love + Cosmic Blessings,

Solana @wildmoonspa

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