Endings + Beginnings with the Pisces New Moon

On Sunday 2/23, we begin a new lunar cycle with the New Moon in Pisces - exact at 7:32am PST.

Pisces is the the last sign of the zodiac, so the season of Pisces (when the Sun is traveling through Pisces) is considered to be the end of the astrological year.

When we open up to the gifts of this time of year, we see that this is a time of letting go of what we don't need + what we can't control. This is a time of releasing the old to welcome the new, and for us in the northern hemisphere it coincides with the end of Winter + the beginning of Spring!

Ω This is the last New Moon of the astrological year, initiating the last lunar cycle before Spring Equinox.

Ω This New Moon is occuring with both Moon + Sun at 4° Pisces, which I often refer to as "the most empathic sign" in the Zodiac.  Pisces is also know to be one of the most psychic of the signs.  This New Moon brings energy that is highly intuitive + grants the collective access into the psychic realms.  You may notice yourself feeling extremely sensitive, simply because the Piscean energy is so emotionally + psychically porous.  Mercury is retrograde close by at 9° Pisces, making circumstances both confusing + intriguing! 

Ω This astrology is designed to affect you quite personally if you are a Pisces yourself (Happy Birthday Pisces!) - or if you have planets/points in the early degrees (0-10°) of any of the other mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius.  Book a reading to find out if this is you + for deep diving chart exploration!

Ω This New Moon is both watery +

changeable in nature (Pisces is mutable water) - but it is being BEAUTIFULLY SUPPORTED by a lovely earth sextile from Mars at 5° Capricorn and ANOTHER earth sextile from Uranus at 3° Taurus.  Uranus usually isn't seen as stable enough to be of great support, but in Taurus he is so slowed down that he is what I am now calling "Revolutionary Stability" - Uranus brings the revolution + Taurus brings the stability.  

Ω The earth trine between Mars in Capricon + Uranus in Taurus at the time of this New Moon bodes well for us, I feel.  A trine between planets creates ease + swift movement.  We have to do the work that Mars who is exalted in Capricorn is here to do - but hey, Capricorn LOVES getting work done.  Uranus the rebel-rouser is weakened in slow + steady Taurus, but just because Taurus slows him down doesn't mean Uranus isn't doing his job.  What's the Uranus job description, you ask?  To wake us up + shake us up + take us to the NEXT LEVEL.  

Ω We also have Venus at 18° Aries squaring Jupiter at 18° Capricorn - and this square is exact only 90 minutes after the Moon.  The square itself is a 90° angle between planets, and it is designed to make us work on something or work something out.  A square requires effort and is often seen as something meant to challenge us.  That said, both Jupiter + Venus are the most benefic planets and they work harmoniously together.  This square says there is work to be done, maybe a lot of work (Jupiter in Capricorn) - and this work does relate to our independence, our desire for freedom, our relationship with anger/aggression + how we fight for what we care about (Venus in Aries).

May the Piscean waters of this New Moon drench you with kindness, compassion + all the gifts of your own sensitivity.  Understand - you don't have to be a Pisces to work with this New Moon in a very personal way.  Every New Moon is a fertile ground for us to all do our energetic "planting" for the upcoming lunar cycle.

As more + more of us celebrate + work with these rhythms + cycles (of the Moon, of changing seasons, of the archetypes in the Zodiac) - we are co-creating a collective shift into remembering - who we are, what we are here to do + how to bring more love to this beautiful + precious planet, Mama Gaia.

And the truth is - We are all part of the sacred dance in the Wheel of Life

~ We all hold unique codes + keys of rememberance

~ These codes are being activated for the collective more + more rapidly

~ Your remembering (the truth of yourself) IS your awakening

~ You are simply awakening to that which already know, that which you have always known, that which you can never "unknow" - no matter how many times you or I or any of us forget

Sending you all much love + many blessings,


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