New Moon in Sagittarius - Where is your HAPPY?

The Sagittarius New Moon is exact this Tuesday 11/26/19

at 7:06am PST

This New Moon is full of uplifting energy and a penchant for adventure that is characteristic of Sagittarius, our mutable fire sign.

I have often described Sagittarius as “the most angelic sign in the Zodiac” - and what I mean by that is this:

Sagittarius knows and loves freedom.

Sagittarius knows and loves joy.

Sagittarius knows and love adventure and too much of a good thing.

Sadge has an unbeatable appetite for life and the kind of shit-faced grin that you seen on a dog who is having the time of his life.

Sadge is the Eternal Optimist. 

Here's my latest video describing the energies of this New Moon and the fundamental spiritual message coming through for me:

The constellational sign of Sagittarius is represented by the magical Centaur (half-horse/half-man) who is also the Archer, pointing his bow + arrow to the heavens beyond.  

“TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!” - as Buzz LightYear would say, and I’m pretty sure Buzz is also a Sagittarius.

Sadge is here to give us a much-needed pat on the back and some good cheer for the weary:

“Everything is working itself out!”

“Life is a blast!”

“Don’t worry, be happy!”

“Angels are all around!”

“You are supported by forces unseen, that love you beyond measure!”

“Living fully is worth the risk!”


It’s going to be fun!”

Now, yes, shadow Sadge can be way too over-indulgent, a bit of a lush, and prone to bypassing the practical details and the time-schedule. But when we can catch on the Good-Feeling Sagittarius coattails - this fire sign can boost our energy and revitalize our will, thereby swiftly carrying us forward on our path like angel wings.  

Even though the holiday of Christmas comes after we are in the sign of Capricorn (and Yule/Winter Solstice marks the entrance into the sign of Capricorn), Sadge energy is very akin to how we describe Santa Claus - big and jolly, very generous, bringing heartfelt cheer and lessons of love. So this time of swiftly moving into Winter (here in the northern hemisphere - Seattle is certainly getting chilly!) - we are feeling the rush of energy out there in the holiday shopping frenzy (which CAN be fun) - and we are also being invited to step into the deeper edges of our own hearts, where we really want to grow and let in more love.

There are ample opportunities to practice leaning into love and giving from a full heart. 

The next time you give a dollar to a homeless person, imagine that the money is going to bless him or her and even more important - imagine that your smile or silent prayer is going to bless him or her even more — (and then see how it blesses you the most!) 

Let go of the time constraints of your agenda a little more, like Sadge loosening his belt after a big meal - and notice that there is enough time to walk slowly with an elder or with the toddler. Notice that you can listen in this moment. Notice that you don’t have to say yes to all the invitations or demands - and you certainly don’t have to say yes for appearances sake! (…what a waste of time, Sadge says - to live life for appearances sake…)

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, our solar system giant who is known as Zeus in Greek mythology. The words jovial and jubilant actually come from references to the planet Jupiter, revealing that he has been long-known for being one big happy guy who lives life with gusto! Speaking of Jupiter, he just received the “conjunction kiss” from Venus, which is a beautiful heavenly phenomena that occurs about once a year - but in 2019 we had 2 Venus/Jupiter conjunctions, the first on 1/22/19 and the second just yesterday on 11/24/19.  

Interestingly, there will be no Venus/Jupiter conjunctions in 2020 (the next one will happen on 2/11/2021). 2020 is going to be a huge year for Capricorn, specifically in regards to the exact conjunctions of Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn - as well as the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction with the Summer Solstice + solar eclipse!

Tuesday’s New Moon lands at 4° Sagittarius with the Sun. There are no tense squares, flowing trines or exact oppositions happening directly with this New Moon - but there are some notable inconjunctions - with Uranus at 3° Taurus and with the north node at 8° Cancer, as well as with Mars at 4° Scorpio and Ceres at 4° Capricorn.

Inconjunctions are known for feeling awkward, uncomfortable, unsettling, or just plain annoying. They are like your “bratty” sister or brother who you are just sick of spending every waking moment with!  

However, inconjunctions do have a special, secret super-power : they help us see our blind-spots!

Especially when I see the inconjunction with Mars at 4° Scorpio, with Mercury now direct cruising nearby at 14° Scorpio, I am hearing this New Moon asking us to pay attention to the lessons that we are still receiving from Scorpio season that we are still partially in with Mercury doing his final wrap-up in Scorpio.


Since our last New Moon, Mercury has been up to all kinds of mischief! On 10/31, he stationed retrograde at 27° Scorpio and he traveled all the way back to 11° Scorpio where he just stationed direct a few days ago on 11/20. At the time of our current New Moon, Mercury is now at 14° Scorpio, and as he picks up speed (all from our geocentric perspective) he will rapidly retrace his steps to pass the 27° of Scorpio again on 12/8 and fully leave the waters of Scorpio for the fire of Sagittarius on 12/9.  

Mercury performs his apparent retrograde more often than any other planet in our solar system (3-4 times/year), but being that Mercury is the planet who governs intellect, communication, writing and technology - his retrograde periods are easily felt by many. Mercury handles the details and crunches the numbers - when he is out to lunch, things can get a bit jumbled.  

While retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, Mercury’s behavior can be akin to the detective in stealth mode. Scorpio is our fixed water sign - intense, seductive and quite sensitive. Scorpio is known for keeping secrets, acting angsty and repressing its deep well of emotions - until the stinger comes out. Scorpio medicine is transformative and imbued with the lessons of death and rebirth like the Phoenix archetype commonly linked with this sign. People who possess a lot of Scorpio energy are often highly magical, and they often are initiated into their gifts through life experiences that are not for the faint of heart.

This Mercury retrograde through the Scorpio area of your chart has asked you to look at things that you have kept hidden or repressed, namely from yourself. The dive into the Underworld that is Scorpio is meant for your awakening, coming into truth with yourself, releasing shame - and fully letting go of all you can’t control and all that you have outgrown.  

As Mars plods along behind the other personal planets, he is also wrapping up the Scorpio lessons for us - and remember, Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and he is quite at home here (much more so than he was while traversing through Libra!). Use the engine-power of Mars in Scorpio to further your growth in the ways you have expanded over the last few ways - Mercury has been giving a rational eye to the 11°-27° area of Scorpio, so passion-driven Mars might have a better chance of acting like a friend rather than a foe.  

Mars remains in Scorpio until early January 2020.

A few hours after the New Moon is exact on Tuesday morning, Venus will make an exact square with Chiron the Shamanic Healer. Venus is newly in Capricorn after blazing through Sagittarius ahead of all the other personal planets. Chiron is currently retrograde in Aries (he’ll be here until 2027), and he will station direct on 12/12/19. 

The exact square of Venus and Chiron (both at 2° of their respective signs) with this New Moon is a reminded to face our wounds (Chiron) and apply love (Venus). Really, it’s that simple. A square aspect (90° angle) is asking us to DO something, and put some elbow grease in it.   Like the proverb: “Faith without works is dead” - how can we apply love beyond a passing thought? Can we pick up the phone? Lend a hand? Give a hug? Say “I’m sorry” and mean it? Say “I forgive you” and mean it? Say “I love you” and show it?   Again, the joyful and uplifting energy of Sagittarius can give us the wings we need to fly through the bumpy parts of life with grace and ease - no spiritual bypassing necessary when we are aligned with the love of truth and the power of love! 

Also this week: 

Planet Neptune will be stationing direct on 11/27, the day after the New Moon, at 16° Pisces. Neptune himself is the modern ruler of Pisces, and he is here for a loooong time (2011 to 2026). He was pretty much directly on top of my natal Moon at 14° Pisces for the better part of 2 years…his lessons can work you for some time (often without you even knowing it). Neptune is known as the magician and the trickster - he is famous for his disappearing acts and he is the king of *dissolving* that which you don’t need (especially your illusions) - but at the same time he is the king of paradox and the expert at creating illusion and blurring the lines between real and unreal.  

Neptune’s highest expression is that of the higher heart, Advaita (nonduality), Oneness, and that which can be known as Christ consciousness or Buddha nature. The shadow of Neptune is escapism, addiction, bypassing/avoidance and deception.

Expect the days around Neptune’s stationing direct to contain elements of whimsy and possibly some lack of clarity.  

Can you roll with it?

Again - love is the superpower and the eyes of love have the clearest vision.

Sometimes we have to let the lines blur to remember the deeper truth…

Sometimes we can use the “Neptune fog” to clean our glasses…

Take good care during this lunar cycle, dear ones.

Our next New Moon will land on the evening of Christmas Day - and it will also be a solar eclipse!  

Eclipse season is right around the corner - and eclipses are portals for major growth and major transformation.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the key now…

Fill your cup with this self-sourced love and radiate the light that it brings you.

There is no hierarchy in the game of our awakening - not really.

There’s no higher or lower, no servants or masters.

Not when we are all waking up to the truth of ourselves…

And being drawn to the sweetness of being in service to each other…

I wish you safe and sweet holidays, full of real moments of kindness and connection (not for appearances sake…)

Sending you many blessings for this New Moon and Beyond,  


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