| New Moon in Scorpio |

And we begin again...

with the New Moon in Scorpio

exact this evening at 8:38pm PT

In Celtic-Pagan tradition, the Scorpio New Moon is also Lunar Samhain, which marks the beginning of the SAMHAIN PORTAL

a time when the "Veils Between Worlds"

are known to be very thin...

These are the veils between

Physical and Non-physical

Spirit and Matter

and most importantly

between our own understanding of ourselves as both 

human and divine

even - and especially -

as we traverse our own 


(which is what Scorpio season is all about - transformation and going to the depths)

This year the Samhain portal runs from 10/27 (with the New Moon) to 11/8 (when the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio)

Calendar Samhain is celebrated on 10/31 (Halloween)

and from the Mexican tradition we have Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) being celebrated from 10/31 - 11/2

I made a video to discuss the energies of this New Moon, as well as the upcoming Mercury retrograde (10/31 - 11/20)

Check it out here!

My videos have a very "homemade" feel (this is a learning curve for me!) 

-- but I am being guided to share more through oral tradition than through long astrology reports which don't always capture the FEELING of the message I am being called to share.


The message that came through to share with this New Moon has a lot to do with the opposition to Uranus in Taurus and HIS message of levity, flexibility and "humor in the hindsight." 

The antidote to the heaviness and intensity of Scorpio season might be to stop taking yourself so seriously!  Laugh at yourself!  Laugh at life!  Even - and especially - when life is "having its way" with you!  

How can we use the levity, humor and perspective of Uranus to face our fears and experience the inner death/rebirth that is Scorpio's greatest gift?

Remember that all the answers you seek lie within you...

in the seat of your soul's knowing...

And your permission to










begin again

Is the only permission you need.

I'm sending you much love + many blessings for this lunar cycle and beyond.

~ Solana 

P.S. I will be traveling in India from 10/29 - 11/20! Happy Mercury retrograde while I'm gone ;-) I am booking sessions for late November and into December, so please take a look at my calendar and get on the books!

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