Taurus Moon Weekend + Mercury Pre-Retrograde Shadow Begins

Heyyyy Loves - It's Saturday night on 2/1 as I write this...

Venus in Pisces has just made a lovely 60° sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, a very sweet kiss (from Venus) to the heavy underworld energy that Pluto in Capricorn represents.

And Mercury the planet of intellect is just now entering his pre-retrograde shadow at 28° Aquarius... This means that Mercury is beginning to cover the territory which he will later review during his upcoming retrograde (2/16 - 3/9).

Now Mercury is the most retrograde-happy planet in our solar system - taking a retrograde journey 3 to 4 times a year -- so its literally not as big a deal as many folks make it out to be!

That said - Mercury does govern intellect, communication and technology, making it a common area of frustration when it is slowed down.

And that is the crux of a planetary retrograde -- slowing us down in the areas of life which that planet governs - and of course in the area of life WHERE the planet is making its retrograde journey - in this case, in the sign of Pisces, the sign of Mercury's exile.

Mercury can't do the detailed, analytical, linear intellectual thing that is Mercury's nature - not in the Piscean waters.

No - all the rules go out the window in Pisces.

Cause all Pisces cares about is Oneness, Love, Togetherness, Compassion... beautiful ideals when that spiritual maturity is truly embodied - but leading to escapism, co-dependency and addiction when the truth of a thing doesn't match up to these ideals, and the native doesn't have the tools to navigate the pain this causes. So which house is ruled by Pisces in YOUR chart?

This is where you will be experiencing the upcoming "Mercury Makeover".... ESPECIALLY if you are a Gemini or Virgo Rising or Sun sign (because that makes Mercury your chart ruler or your Sun sign ruler) -- or if you simply have a lot of Mercurial energy -- OR if you have key planets/points between 28° Aquarius to 13° Pisces (the upcoming Mercury retrograde transit zone)


Overall, this weekend has fairly simple astrology - compared to the last few.

We're done with eclipse season, we survived the intense + fated Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 1/12 - and now - with all planets direct until mid-February - we are finding our GROOVE.


Meanwhile, the Moon is in Taurus ALL WEEKEND - the sign of her exaltation.

Solid, slow-moving and sensual Taurus - this is truly an essential sign to work with for anyone who is on a journey of embodiment, reclaiming sexual sovereignty, and connecting to pleasure + self-worth as well as attracting $$$ + material resources.

{ The Taurus/Scorpio axis carries the most crucial components for sexual healing - Scorpio more in the realm of shadow-work and facing all that we fear + try to keep locked away — and Taurus to revel in the sensory experience of being in the body and all the pleasures + creature comforts that can be experienced }

Bottom line, the energy of Taurus knows how to magnetize what it wants.

This is a Venus-ruled sign and can be seen as the physical archetype of Venus/Aphrodite herself (riding a Bull).

Here she is luxuriating in the senses, slowing down, making pleasure a priority, allowing for comfort + relaxation.

Right now La Luna is a waxing Half Moon, representing a time of EFFORT + ACTION.

But the waxing Half Moon in Taurus is only going to act from a place of deep conviction and the promise of some personal gain vs the desire for selfless service.

This doesn't mean that the energy of Taurus can't be generous - on the contrary, Taurus can be VERY generous.

It's simply that the Taurus archetype gives from the principle "My cup runneth over"

- for Taurus is a willing receiver and allows abundance + prosperity without any question of "do I deserve this?"

But that doesn't mean that Taurus is selfish in any kind of negative sense.

Because the Taurean energy allows itself to receive (pleasure, money, support) it is then able to pass on this gift of receiving and give from a place of "abundance consciousness."

Ok loves, please be in touch if I can support you at this time!

Have a wonderful Taurus Moon weekend...

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