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Today was magical, mystical Friday the 13th.  I am writing this in the late evening after having an busy, joyful + Femme-filled day.  Friday belongs to Venus (it's her day) and the number 13 has deep, esoteric meaning related to the Feminine.  

And Venus has been QUITE ACTIVE this week.  

On Wednesday morning (12-11) she made her conjunction with Saturn, just to get us ready for the Gemini Full Moon which occured on Wednesday evening.  {{ Are you still feeling those vibrations??? }}

Then Venus made her next lovely conjunction with Pluto this morning (12-13) at 22° Capricorn.  

No small thing.  (I explain why below...)

Coupled with Chiron the Shamanic Healer going direct at 1° Aries yesterday on 12-12 (an auspicious day and known as a potent energy portal) ... Chiron who began his Aries journey over a year ago and will remain in Aries until 2027.  **Chiron is helping us face the wounds of the Masculine here, and the wounds of war **

This is big, powerful FORWARD MOVING ASTROLOGY.  

If you are currently feeling like a lot is happening energetically + cosmically - well, IT IS.

We might be feeling all sorts of feels right about now!

We might feel high from the Full Moon (this one felt especially magical...)

We might feel swept up in the tidal wave of planetary energy and not even know which way to direct ourselves just yet.

And we might totally be feeling triggered regarding our core wounds + our fears around love.

Breaking down the Venus/Pluto conjunction:

Venus (as you may well know) is the planet who represents the archetype of the Goddess Venus, also known as Aphrodite as well as Lakshmi and Saraswati.

This is Divine Feminine energy, the calling of our hearts, our sensual nature, as well as wealth, health + beauty. 

Venus is all about comfort and luxury and feeling good - but she is also about relationships and communication and creating harmony.  

Pluto, on the other hand, is the Lord of the Underworld. 

*An important note on Pluto and on sign rulerships:

Some astrologers call Pluto the "modern-ruler" of Scorpio.  I am returning to working with traditional rulerships of the signs, which keeps Mars as the ruler of Scorpio (and Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces and Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius).  However, the outer planets who are sometimes called the "modern-rulers" of the signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius do have a powerful relationship with those signs!  I think of them as the GODPARENTS of the signs they are connected to.  Pluto looks after Scorpio, Neptune looks after Pisces and Uranus looks after Aquarius in ways that are often described like Godparents - in ways that are deeply connected + highly spiritual.

(Why do those signs get the Godparents?  Well, to keep it simple - consider that those signs specifically need + deserve extra support when it comes to the timelines of planetary awakening.  See, Aquarius is bringing us into the Future, Pisces helps us heal the Past, and Scorpio reveals the Underworld).

So - back to Pluto (and I hope a better understanding as to why I so often refer to Pluto as Lord of the Underworld)... our friend Pluto carries the codes to the deepest transformation we can experience as humans on Gaia.  

Simply put, Pluto reveals the shadow to you.  (and all of us)

By doing so, he catalyzes you to face your own inner-underworld and come to the Truth of who you really are.  Pluto takes us on the Phoenix journey, and anyone who has experienced this knows it is not for the faint of heart or for those who are unwilling to look within. 

In essence, Pluto carries heavy medicine designed to unburden us from all falsehood, all bullshit and all distortion.  

You will meet your end with Pluto.  

You will die and be reborn with Pluto.  

You will feel pain (and the invitation into the experience of real pleasure).  

Your walls will coming crashing down.  

You will be broken.  

Unfettered Pluto energy shows no mercy, but it can show patience.  It cuts like a surgeon, and it goes deep.  And unlike Jupiter/Neptune/Pisces, with Pluto you don't get the drugs to numb you out.  

Aspects of Pluto do reside in the unconscious and subconscious, but when you truly begin working with Pluto - that's when he can bring you into awakened consciousness of all that you are.

SO WHAT HAPPENS WHEN this power-house of a planet - Pluto - comes together with Venus, the nurturing energy of the Feminine, the healing power of love, the artistic, creative impulse in all of us??

These two just experienced their exact conjunction this morning 12-13 at 7:16am PST. 

Really Venus is the initiator of most conjunctions, as she moves much more quickly than all of the other planets besides Mercury and the Moon.  She is protective, receptive, benific energy - but she is also Shakti - energy in motion, and she is acting out a divine play.

Venus came together with Jupiter in Sagittarius on 11-24 (ON the Galactic Center) - that was just about one of the sweetest conjunctions possible.  Big loving boost from the Cosmos with that conjunction.  

Venus then entered Capricorn on 11-25, joining the Capricorn Confluence, and since then she has been moving swiftly - allowing her to catch up with Saturn on Wednesday and with Pluto today.  

It's as if she's given all the Big Daddies (my nickname for the cluster of Jupiter, Saturn + Pluto) a loving kiss and her blessing before they really make 2020 a year to remember.

(Remember, the exact conjunction of Saturn/Pluto is coming up on 1-12-20)

And this Sunday 12-15 we have a CRAZY FORTUITIOUS earth trine happening with Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, each at 3° of their respective signs.  This planetary alignment is a swift boon that has potential for real lasting supportive growth in places we have felt held back, especially regarding MONEY and things to do with the material world.  This is a time to pay attention to our physical world + our resources.  This is a time to takes strides in doing things in NEW-DIFFERENT-INVENTIVE ways.  This is a time of Practical Creativity and an invitation to TRUST.  

This is the first major planetary aspect that Jupiter is making since he newly moved into Capricorn on December 2nd.

Jupiter changing signs is a BIG DEAL, which I will share more about in the coming weeks.

All of this astrology and more is the reason why I have decided to host an exciting Astro-Masterclass: THE ASTROLOGY OF 2020 + YOU. 

This Masterclass will include 2.5 hours of focused + very fun learning in a small group (12 participants). Every class attendee will receive a printed birth chart revealing key transits during 2020.  

There will be 30 minutes at the end of class for open questions, so all in all this event will include 3 hours of in-depth astrology teaching and learning about your own chart.

All participants will also receive a 2020 Astro-Timeline created by yours truly - this is a valuable tool to stay tuned into to the key dates of 2020 as well as the larger cycles and rhthyms.  


Date: Sunday 1-19-20

Time: 4-6:30pm class (then 30 minutes for open questions)

Place: Mind Body Sanctuary

Cost: $50 early-bird price - goes up to $65 on January 1st

To register:

Please send payment to

or on Venmo to this link

(If sending via PayPal, please use the friends + family option so that I don't incur fees!)

Then send me a quick note (PM or to let me know that you're coming.  

In order to receive a printed chart, you MUST SEND ME YOUR BIRTH INFO at least a few days before the event.  The info I need is your time/date/place of birth.  If you do not have your exact time of birth, have no fear.  Just let me know and I will work with you using solar houses or we can discuss doing chart reconstruction, which I am quite skilled at!

2020 begins with a bang before it even begins -- 


The Full Moon 2 weeks later IS ALSO AN ECLIPSE.

And eclipses bring what?

I can't hear you???

Oh yeah - that's right - ECLIPSES BRING CHANGE.

Come to this potent Astro-Masterclass and be part of the change - as a powerful Creator/Creatrix who is ready to meet 2020 with eyes wide open - AND be supported by community.

All participants of THE ASTROLOGY OF 2020 + YOU Masterclass will also receive a 40% discount on any single service in the first quarter of the year (January-March)!!!  That's right, you can use this discount for ANY OF MY OFFERINGS (skincare or astrology!!) *One per customer. May be given as a Gift *

I hope to see you in the Masterclass.

Have an amazing weekend.

Cosmic Blessings,

Solana @wildmoonspa

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