<<< The Gemini Full Moon is coming up this Wednesday 12/11/19, exact at 9:12 pm PST >>> For people on the East Coast USA, this Full Moon is happening at 12:12am on 12/12 - which is quite magical! Occuring at 20° Gemini and opposite the Sun at 20° Sagittarius, this Full Moon is full of airy, social and inquisitive energy. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, who himself is now in the early degrees of Sagittarius and considered to be in his detriment. Opposite his home sign of Gemini, Mercury is not as sharp as he usually is while in Sagittarius - he's not keen on the details here because he's looking at the big picture, and reveling in the stuff that dreams are made of. So this Moon is giving us all the creativity and curiosity of Gemini, but none of the focus to make exact plans or come to any clear-cut decisions.

Overall, the energy of this Full Moon has a very "wait-and-see" kind of vibe, it's like a pregnant pause.

See, not only is the ruler of this Full Moon (Mercury) in his detriment, but we also have a lot of BIG ASTROLOGY that is ABOUT TO HAPPEN over the course of the next month! This is the last Full Moon of 2019, and also the last lunation before eclipse season begins.

That's right folks, the next New Moon falls on Christmas Day (on the West Coast USA) - and it is also a solar eclipse!

This eclipse will be an annular eclipse (making the Sun look like a ring), and although it will not be visible to those of us in North or South America - the energetics of an eclipse are still felt worldwide.

In short, eclipses are energetic portals for swift change and quantum transformation!

They occur in pairs or sometimes in triplets about every 6 months. The Cancer Full Moon on January 10th will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. This Gemini Full Moon is exactly quincunx Venus + Saturn conjunct in Capricorn - making the penchant for mischief and love of variety that Gemini is partial to somewhat tempered by another viewpoint - that of steadfastness, commitment and structure in love, in business and in all creative endeavors. This Moon is also loosely quincunx Mars at 15° Scorpio, who is hightligting the area that Mercury himself recently rode through over + over + over again during his recent retrograde in Scorpio. Any unfinished business from Scorpio season (November) and Mercury's retrograde can be triggered to be dealt with in intuitive ways with this inconjunction - look to dreams or what comes through in moody poetry or other artistic projects as a way to face your emotions or feelings of frustration. The Gemini Full Moon is also loosely squaring Neptune at 16° Pisces, increasing the likelihood for feelings of sensitivity and heightened intuition - especially for people who have planets/points around 16° - 20° of any of the mutuable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). The expansive energy of the Full Moon squaring the spiritual, mystical and nebulous energy of Neptune in his home sign of Pisces is a recipe for extreme empathy and feeling all the feels. However, Gemini doesn't like to go deep into emotional depths like Pisces (or Scorpio or Cancer), so the feels might be channeled into a desire to "keep busy", binge watch Netflix, or turn to partying as a form of distraction. Nothing wrong with those things in moderation, but make sure you give yourself room to breathe and enough quiet time to ground your energy and just let yourself be.

The day after the Full Moon, on 12/12, Chiron (the asteroid commonly known as the Wounded Healer) stations direct at 2° Aries.

Chiron has been retrograde in Aries since July 9th of this year, and his long-term work here has still only just begun.

Chiron will be traversing through Aries until 2027, and while he is here he is triggering old wounds that are blocking our path to joy and freedom.

Chiron makes us face and feel the depth of our pain and he leads us to the very root of our suffering, much like the planet Pluto. Chiron acts as a bridge to help us turn anger into forgiveness, resentment into appreciation, ignorance into wisdom and fear into love.

Then, on Friday the 13th - Venus makes her conjunction with Pluto at 22° Capricorn just 2 days after making her conjunction with Saturn - giving us a powerful foreshadowing of the much-anticipated Saturn/Pluto conjunction that will be exact on 1/12/20 at 23° Capricorn. The Venus/Pluto conjunction highlights the themes of power, control + fear of the unknown (Pluto) in all matters related to love, health + wealth (Venus). In the earthy + practical sign of Capricorn, this conjunction has us facing our reality in the material world and looking at the places that need structural support and good old-fashioned hard work.

If you haven't noticed yet - the sign of Capricorn is getting THE HEAT in 2020...

The energy has been brewing all of 2019 with Saturn, Pluto and the south node all planted in Capricorn - and the energy just got a lot biggter last week when Jupiter (the planet of EXPANSION) entered Capricorn on 12/2 for his year-long transit in the sign of his fall. Jupiter is considered to be the most weakened in Capricorn, but he is still making the energies BIGGER wherever he goes - although he is quite tempered in Capricorn and has to play by the rules much more than his free-spirit nature normally would have him do. Jupiter will conjoin Pluto in Capricorn 3 times throughout 2020, and he will make his Grand Conjunction with Saturn at 0° Aquarius on 12/21/20 (Winter Solstice).

I'd love to support you in utilizing the powerful astrology of 2020 for your highest good -

regardless of WHAT is happening in the skies, the current astrology is affecting you in ways that are totally unique to who you are as an individual.

By decoding your birth chart and receiving guidance through the language of astrology, your most authentic self is being invited to shine and propel you in the direction of your true desires. Please be in touch to book a reading with me.

Sending you lots of Full Moon love this week! Go easy on yourself and everyone around you - and remember that the best way to manage the upcoming astrology + any pressures you may be feeling associated with the Holidays and this time of year... is by remembering to BREATHE and giving yourself many moments to JUST BE.

love + blessings, Solana @wildmoonspa

(Photo by Cristiano Pedroso Roussado on Unsplash, not sure who the painter is)

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