As I post this, we are currently about 18 hours into the new lunar cycle, which began with the New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron the Healer. Today, the Sun came into exact alignment with Chiron - meaning that Chiron was cazimi in the Sun + reborn in this illumination.

Chiron (the asteroid/comet/Centaur) is known as the Healer because he asks us to face our wounds - our personal wounds, our collective wounding, and the primordial wound which is a spiritual wound - the belief in separation.

Right now, all types of wounding are bubbling to the surface (personal, collective + primordial). All variation and layers of wounding are being triggered by the collective fear that is presenting itself as fear of the coronavirus, fear of not having enough resources, fear of government/power-control structures - and fear of fear itself.

It is WAY BEYOND a lot of folk's comfort zone.


In this time of being stretched beyond our comfort zones and beyond what's palatable to our fragile ego identities - we are collectively being initiated within the portal of transformation that is guiding us through this next phase of human developement into 5D consciousness.

It is interesting, alarming + synchronistic that the big "5G push" is happening at the same time as our journey to raise collective consciousness into 5D.

One is natural, one isn't.

One will serve humanity, the Earth and all of life - the other contains frequencies which can destroy life.

I'm not saying that this is a clear situation of right/wrong or that I have the answers.

What I'm saying is this-

Now is a time to pay attention + notice.

To do this, we need to get quiet enough in ourselves + with our own stories that we can see through the veils of illusion to feel what's true.

This a time of great testing.

We are finding out what we're made of and how much we allow fear to rule us.

We are being reminded of the meaning of unconditional love.


This is also a time of choice points.

Many people associate the pressure of being at a choice point with some kind of trauma or failure or humiliation or stress.

Old paradigms built on victimhood, martyrdom, guilt, shame and punishment are crumbling to the ground - but they still seem so real to many, many people.

Trusting a new paradigm that doesn't carry the burden of fear, debt consciousness, violence + division will not feel safe to a lot of people — because it's unfamiliar.


But this is where we are.

The vibration of FEAR is held within the holy grail that will lead us across the Rainbow Bridge from 3D being-consciousness to 5D being-consciousness.

It is the sacred poison that we have been given by the One to learn the art of transmutation + real evolution.

This poison of fear becomes the medicine that we work with in our journey through the 4D Gateway of the heart, as we open to the vulnerability and breath-taking beauty of unconditional love.

The sacred poison of fear is the FOOD for this love to reveal its original power and purity.


The dark age of collective brainwashing is over for all who are courageous enough to enter this portal and move through the 4D Gateway, the Rainbow Bridge.

However, the attempts for mind control (and control of all human systems) are going to be increasing rapidly now that the portal has fully opened - because those that move into this Gateway will no longer be serving the 3D false paradigms and the ones who cling to those paradigms for profits + recognition are going to lose the very thing they have come to believe they need to survive.


At this time, the fight/flight/freeze mechanism among many, many humans is activated + the volume turned up LOUD.

The sympathetic nervous system within us as individuals and as a collective is REACTING to life + not operating from anchored wisdom/intelligence.

It can't - it is trying to PROTECT and it is AFRAID.


One of the best things we can do for ourselves, each other and our beloved planet right now is to *notice* and *work with* this energy of fear.

Please give yourself time - even 10 minutes a day - to feel the fear in yourself and the collective.

This means setting aside time + actually holding space for it - rather that letting it run you in the background 24/7.

Feel the emotions that fear is often covering - grief, rage, separation, confusion, bitterness, disappointment, guilt, shame, regret, remorse, exhaustion, depression, apathy, numbness…

Feel the numbness!

Feel the ways that you just want to check out, not deal, distract, not feel.

* Forgive yourself * - there's nothing wrong with not wanting to feel shitty.

* Forgive yourself * - and remember who you are.

Remember your connection with all of Life - with the Earth herself and with your ancient Star Families.

Remember how sacred your consciousness is.

If you can, remember your consciousness before fear programming set in and began to dictate your life.

Understand, fear is not the enemy.

Fear is your invitation ❤️


The collective fear within human consciousness is like a pus-filled wound, oozing and inflamed. It's impossible to hide.

The worst thing we could do is to keep the infection inside and try to put a bandaid on it or stitch it closed.

Sorry not sorry for the gross analogy! 🤮

That's really what it looks + feels like from an energetic perspective.

The wound needs to be rinsed clean with our love + our tears.

It needs the medicine we create by learning to transmute the poison of fear back into love.

It needs air, space, room to breathe.

It needs kindness, patience, encouragement.

It needs to not be forgotten, abandoned or denied.

The fear itself is a gift - here to help us grow.


One very simple + very powerful mantra that you can chant daily and as often as you feel is "Om Mane Padme Hum"

(Ohm Manay Pudmay Hoom)

This is a Tibetan mantra that can be loosely translated into English to mean:

"May the jewel of the mind reside in the lotus of the heart"

Repeat this mantra (many versions to listen to on YouTube) and feel that your mind is connected to all minds, your heart is connected to all hearts.


You can also just tell the Earth you love her.

Over + over.

The Earth holds us all and sustains us all and feels us AS HER BODY.

No matter what we do.

Through her marriage to the Sun and the entire Cosmos - we are here.

And we are part of her re-birth, her healing, her New Dawn.


There are many who believe that the Earth will never be happy with humans living upon her, and while I see their perspective and understand the facts of history - I see a different future for us, as Earth's children.

I see the invitation to *wake up* to new ways of being where what previously seemed impossible (feeding a global community, ending war, living in peace) are totally possible.

My teacher, Gina Sala, often quotes Einstein who said:

"You can't solve the problem at the level of the problem."

Makes sense, no?

But at the level of 5D and even 4D consciousness, we can totally solve the problems within 3D consciousness (the collective stage that human consciousness is completing).

And while the 3D paradigms are governed by fear and profit from fear - this is no longer the case as soon as we enter the 4D Gateway where the incredible alchemy takes place.


Every time you open your heart - to a loved one, to a stranger, to yourself, to the Earth, to God, to music, to beauty, to love - you are inside the 4D Gateway, you are walking the Rainbow Bridge.

It is the most beautiful path.

It is the most colorful way home.

It will ask everything of you - to release

And it will ask everything to come through you - to be reborn


I'll meet you on the Bridge, dear human family.

And I'm here - listening, feeling, transmuting.

I love you.

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