The Weekend Report 12/19-12/22 * Winter Solstice is Here * + ASTRO-MASTERCLASS in January!

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Welcome to the WEEKEND lovely ones!

I've got your cosmic report - now in a weekly video...

Watch for direct transmission Cosmic Insights!💡

Learn the language of Astrology! 🔮 

** Detailed Weekend Report write-up in the description box on the video **

We are closing out 2019 with some POWERFUL ENERGIES + things get RICH ON THURSDAY 12/19, with Venus moving into Aquarius for the next 3 weeks!! What does that say about love? And fashion?? 

We've also got Mercury/Neptune trickster magic happening, Chiron the Shamanic Healer will be coming into the mix, and of course the big headline:  *WINTER SOLSTICE* on Saturday with the Sun entering Capricorn - and moving into a very auspicious conjunction with Jupiter trining Uranus in Taurus - very lucky, very prosperous and a beautiful BOOST before the eclipses begin next week with the New Moon solar eclipse on Christmas Day... 

More to come next week on the New Moon/solar eclipse in Capricorn on 12-25-19

*** *** ***

A reminder about my upcoming Astro-Masterclass on 1/19/20, all about "The Astrology of 2020 and You"
Register before January 1st to get the best savings!

DATE: Sunday January 19th, 2020

TIME: 4pm-6:30pm Masterclass / 6:30-7pm Open Questions 

WHERE: The Classroom at MIND BODY SANCTUARY in Fremont (in the same building as my studio)

EARLY-BIRD COST: $50 when you register before January 1st.  

Early-Bird registration qualifies you to 40% off ANY of my services to be redeemed January - March 2020. Save up to $120!!! 

REGULAR COST: $65 to register beginning on January 1st.  

Regular registration qualifies you to 25% off ANY of my services to be redeemed January - March 2020. Save up to $75! 

Please be in touch with me via text or email to register! I will then send you a link to PayPal or Venmo to complete registration. 

Once you register, please send me your BIRTH INFO (Time/Date/Place) by 1/17/20 at the latest to ensure that I have all your charts printed in time for the Masterclass.

Important Note: 

If you don't know your exact birth time, have no fear! We can either work with your Solar Chart (in which case I just need your birth date + place of birth) or I can help you with chart reconstruction - a powerful and effective formula for determining your birth time based on existing qualities within to chart. Ask me + I will explain in further detail - it's actually pretty fun!

This Masterclass will be both



in ways that honor your journey

and your soul

The class size is limited to 12 participants

As a participant, you will receive 

my carefully curated 2020 Astro-Guide 

to follow along during the class 

+ to support you throughout 2020


You will also receive several printed versions of your own chart - with the transits for 


which is coming right up 

 with the New Moon eclipse on 12-25-19

and the Full Moon eclipse on 1-10-20

Have a beautiful weekend, dear one.

Remember to slow down inside the busy, and don't underestimate the power of tender moments, of kindness for kindness sake, and how your self-talk (and capacity for self-love) is always being reflected to you - to me - to us.  

It takes courage just to show up.

Sending you BIG love + Solstice blessings ~~ 

❤️ Solana @wildmoonspa


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