The Weekend Report: Friday 1/3 to Sunday 1/5

It's a Taurus Moon kind of weekend, loves.

And Mars is newly in Sagittarius! 

Here's my latest Weekend Report video, where I give you a direct transmission about the astrology of the weekend!  This one is just over 12 minutes long.

KEY TIMES THIS WEEKEND: - Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday at 1:37am PST - Moon enters Taurus on Saturday at 8:15am PST - Mars in Sagittarius trines Chiron in Aries on Sunday at 1:53pm PST  >> Interesting (but also sad) to note: I had not heard the news yet about the most recent violence in the Middle East and the insanity of war threats when I recorded this video on 1/2. Mars trining Chiron is a boost of support from Mars (the ruler of Aries) to Chiron who remains in Aries until 2027 and is also known as the Wounded Warrior.

I refer to Chiron as the Shamanic Healer of our solar system, for he is asking us to FEEL + REVEAL our wounds as a path of healing + awakening to unconditional love.

Global events are calling our attention to the undeniable need for healing the wounds of war, and the wounds of the masculine.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.  

Be gentle with yourself.

Enjoy this waxing gibbous Moon in Aries/Taurus....

And get ready for some packed astrology next weekend! XOXO

love + blessings,


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