The Weekend Report + Masterclasses 1/19 + 2/2

Hello Moon Lovers


This weekend is a big "come down" from last weekend's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (I said solar eclipse in the video - oops! Solar eclipse is with a New Moon + Lunar eclipse is with a Full Moon) - and we also had the fated and long-awaited Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn which was also conjunct the Sun at 20° Capricorn + the Mother Goddess asteroid Ceres at 21° Capricorn.  

The Full Moon eclipse on 1/10 was exact at 20° Cancer - and this point in all of our charts will hold a special charge for all of us for months and maybe years to come. 

As the other planets transit and make aspects to this point (again, for all of us - you don't have to have natal planets/points in Cancer for this area of your chart to be lit up now) - you will continue to receive messages related to the 1/10 eclipse.  

* Same is true about the 4° Capricorn point in your chart that was activated by the New Moon solar eclipse on 12/25 or 12/26 depending on where you live.

In this video you can find me talking about:

- Mercury in Aquarius! Free thinking, new perspective, awake mind (min 2)

- Uranus deconstructing our value systems in the sign of Taurus (min 14:30)

- Venus exalted in Pisces (min 15:50)

- Higher/lower expressions of Neptune + Pisces (min 19)

- You're sensitivity is a gift! (min 26)

- The lovely Lunar + Venusian water trine (min 30)

I hope this discussion is helpful + please share your feedback with me in the comments or by sending me a message

I'd love to know how the astrology is landing for you!

And I'd love to work with you!

You can also now order a personalized pre-recorded reading for those of you who just want the message I have for you without needing to meet for an appointment...

And lastly, there are still a few spots left for this Sunday's Masterclass (The Astrology of 2020 + YOU)

Date: Sunday 1/19 

Time: 4 to 6:30pm

Place: Mind Body Sanctuary 

** all participants must pre-register

Cost: $50

Please send me a quick note if you want to join us!

Ω This is an all-ages, all-gender + all-level Masterclass Ω

I have designed it to be as fun as it is informative!I will be offering a detailed yet simplified layout of the major astrology of 2020 - and we will be relating it to YOUR individual charts. * All participants must send me their birth time/date/place in order to receive a personalized chart You can expect lots of laughs, lots of insights + lots of new tools for working with the astrological energies as play.   Since astrology addresses all aspects of life and who we are and what it means to be human - we are bound to find golden nuggets of self-awareness + understanding every time we look at our chart... it's literally that powerful!

I will be hosting this same class again on Sunday 2/2, which happens to also be the Cross-Quarter Day of Imbolc celebrated in Celtic + Pagan traditions.  Imbolc is a time of new beginnings + tending to the fires of our hopes + dreams.  We are bearing witness to the Return Of The Light after Winter Solstice, and there is a boost of energy knowing that Spring is coming.

The class on Sunday 2/2 is also from 4 to 6:30pm, but will be held at my friend's lovely home in the Ravenna neighborhood of North Seattle.  

The link to the event is HERE on Facebook 

or HERE on EventBrite where you can directly buy your ticket! 

- or message me to sign up - 

* 7 spots remaining for 2/2 * 

Have a lovely weekend, dear hearts.

I'll be back with another weekend report video next week to share all about the New Moon in Aquarius and more!

love, love + more love - 


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