Venus in Aries + The Leo Full MOON

This is a fiery weekend, beloveds!

The Full Moon in Leo is exact at 11:33pm PST

on Saturday 2/8/20

Venus has just entered Aries (the sign of her detriment) as of Friday 2/7 at 12:02pm PST

And Mars in Sagittarius is flying free free free - and will soon be entering Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation!

(On 2/16, the same day that Mercury stations retrograde -- Stay Tuned!)

The sign of Leo is related to romance, play, pleaure, creativity, fun, drama, theatrics, performance and child-like wonder about being alive!

Leo in your chart relates to a natural place of leadership for you, a place where you shine, a place where you can take the helm.

Universally, Leo rules the 5th House of the Zodiac - which is why the qualities of the 5th House are so closely related to the attributes of Leo.


(In the Whole Sign House System, which is what I use, every sign in the Zodiac rules a House in the chart! -- meaning there are no intercepted signs when using Whole Sign Houses)

This Full Moon at 20° Leo creates a beautiful Fire Trine with Mars at 25° Sagittarius, a sign where Mars is very adventurous + non-structured, albeit strong because Mars is happy all the Fire signs. Both Moon + Mars are also trining (by sign) Venus who has newly entered Aries and is immediately making a conjunction with Mean Black Moon Lilith (the Feral Feminine) and Chiron (the Shamanic Healer).

This conjunction of Venus, Mean BML and Chiron is a POTENT catalyst for healing + facing the shadow within.


Addiction to drama (shadow Leo) - 4:16

On Rainy Weather - "Seattle People, I feel you!" - 8:30

Full Moon as the culmination, the release, the "Orgasm" of the lunar cycle

+ How to work with Full Moon energies - 9:15

What happens to Venus when she enters Aries? - 19:40

- Not "nice girl" Venus, not "yes girl" Venus

- Meeting Black Moon Lilith - the Shadow Feminine, the Original Eve, the Serpent

- These energies are in all of us! Stop Outsourcing Your Energy! + Becoming the Shamanic Healer within your own being - 25:30

"When it stops being about 'getting better' or improvement" - 26:30

The Intense Party in Aries: Venus the Divine Feminine, Black Moon Lilith the Feral Feminine, and Chiron the Centaur + Shamanic Healer - 29:20

"The Meeting of the Heads" - 32:00

Uranus in Taurus: Breaking it down, Shaking it up, Waking it up! - 33:15

"When Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024 - It's ON!" Also symobolic of the Age of Aquarius: "Within the last year, all the information has become accessible to all of us" - 34:00

The Age of Too Much Information - 35:50

Watch my arms dance - THE BLENDER IN CAKE BATTER - referring to Uranus in Taurus - 38:20

Dropping the burdens in the Death Portal - 40:20

Return to Sovereignty - 41:20

Entering the END of the astrological year with the recent celebration of Imbolc + Solar Imbolc (when Sun ingresses to 15° Aquarius) marking the 8th + final Solar Gate of the year - 43:15


I'd love to know how YOU are experiencing this Full Moon in Leo

and the astrological energies at play

NEXT NEW MOON EVENT: - Pisces New Moon + Tantric Breathwork Ceremony

at Mind Body Sanctuary

on Sunday 2/23/20

5-7:30pm PST



See you next week to discuss Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Mars entering Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation....

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